Publish a Google Sheet to Web

Publishing Google Sheets to Web is a smart way to sharing the information to a wide audience while keeping the source data intact.

There are a variety of ways in which you can choose to publish, like simple web publish, publish as an pdf/.csv/.xlsx etc. You can also get an HTML to publish the information within your webpage.

We will be taking you through all the different methods to publish in this interactive tutorial.

Sample Google Sheet File

In this tutorial we will be using the below Google Sheet Document to work. Feel Free to create a Copy of the same in your Google Account.

Publish Google Sheet Tutorial File

Publish a Google Sheet Document to Web Page

You can choose to publish:

  1. Entire Google Sheet Document(incl all Sheets)
  2. A Specific Sheet
  3. A Specific chart

Follow the below steps to publish.

  1. Create a Google Sheet File you wish to Publish
  2. Under the options menu Goto File
  3. Click Publish to the Web
  4. Choose the appropriate option and hit Publish

Below is an illustration of above steps in details

Step 1: Create a Sample Google Sheet File. We will be using the below sample file. It contains of two sheets containing sales data.

Sample Google Sheet
Sample Google Sheet

Step 2: Goto Menu and click on “File”. In the File DropDown select “Publish to the Web”.

File Options in Google Sheet

Step 3: The Publish to the Web Dialog box opens.

Publish Settings in Google Sheet

Step 4:

a. Select “Entire Document” if you wish to share everything or a specific sheet name as per need. We have selected “Sheet 1” since we only want to share Sheet 1.

Publish Options in Google Sheet

b. Select “Web Page” if you want to let user view the data over web. Otherwise select the other options as applicable. We will select “Web Page”

Publish Options in Google Sheet

c. Under the “Publish content and settings” keep the “Automatic republish when changes are made” Checkbox marked when you want the view to refresh everytime you make changes to you google sheet document.

d. One Done hit “Publish”. Copy the link which you get.

Publish to Web in Google Sheet

If you now goto this link, then you’ll be able to find my Google Sheet Document published.

Published Google Sheet Sample

Embed a Google Sheet to your Webpage

Now instead to sharing a public link you may want to embed the Google Sheet document like below on your website. This is also easy to achieve using the same steps.

Once you have followed all the steps in the previous section then click on “Embed”. Here select the appropriate option from the dropdown “Entire document” or Specific Sheets.

Copy the HTML Snippet and then paste it into your website.

Embed link Google Sheet

Closing Remarks

As you would have seen this was easy tutorial overall. An important call out here is that any changes you make into your sheet will get reflected into the published content with a few minutes of delay.

This method is immensely useful if you would like to protect your source sheet while sharing the document

That’s it on this topic. If you face any issues in implementing the above methods then leave a comment down below. Keep browsing SheetsInfo for more such useful information 🙂

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