Show or Hide Formula in Google Sheets

Google Sheets provides us with a plethora of useful formulas. Often while using working with formulas you may want to view all the formulas used in the spreadsheet. Like always, there are simple ways to address this need in Google Sheet.

Show/Hide Formula using View Option in Menu Bar

In the below example we have two columns A & B and their multiplied output(A*B) in Column C using a simple formula.

Multiplication of two numbers in Google Sheets

Now, lets see how we can show formulas. Goto Menu Bar -> View -> Show Formula

Show Formula in Google Sheets

Once done, you’ll observe that all cells containing formulas(C2:C5 below) start showing the formula’s.

Show formulas in Google Sheets

If you now want to Hide the Formulas and Convert them back to values. Simply go back to the same option and untick Show Formulae.

Hde Formulas in Google Sheets

Once done the original Formula Results will be visible again.

Show/Hide Formula using Keyboard Shortcut

We can achieve the similar results as discussed in previous section by simply using the keyboard short CTRL+ `

This method is much quick and simpler and works like charm. Also, similar to the previous example using CTRL + ` once will show formulas and using it twice will bring back the values. Something, like below:-

Show Formula using Keyboard Shortcut in Google sheet

Simply Clicking a Cell to Show Formula

If all you need is to check formula for a couple of cells then you don’t need to go with any complex methods.

All you need is to double click(Or select and press F2) on the cell of interest. Say like C2 below. The formula used appears in the cell and formula bar too.

Multiplication Formula in Google Sheet

Now, if you want to look at the formula results too then simple press F9, or the “?” symbol that appears on the left in blue.

Now, you also get a preview of the formula results along with the formula.

F9 Shortcut with Formulas

Show/Hide Formula by placing a Apostrophe before it

Placing Apostrophe(‘) before any other content in a cell, converts it or better forces Google sheet to treat the cell values as text.

Say, in the example below, we have simply put an apostrophe before C1 & C2. As you can see, the formula’s are now visible as it. Good thing is that apostrophe is not visible too in the final display.

Add Apostrophe before Formula

To switch back, simply remove the apostrophe.

Add Apostrophe before Formula

That’s it on this topic. Keep browsing SheetsInfo for more such useful information 🙂

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  1. In nume

    Hi there. Do you know any wayy to hide the formula in a share spreadsheet in google sheet?

    1. Rishav

      You can try publishing your file online from File -> Publish to the web. This will create a read only view for the people you share the web link with.


      1. Dan

        Thanks for this response, it was useful to me! Regards from Argentina!!

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