How to Rotate Text in Google Sheet

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Text Rotation in Google Sheet is a lesser used feature, but comes in quite handy for formatting reasons at times. Best of all it’s very easy to implement.

In the tutorial we’ll focus on discussing all the known methods to perform text rotation.

Text Rotation using the Toolbar Option

Follow the below steps to Rotate the Text using Toolbar controls.

1: Select the Cells you would like to rotate. In out case we want to rotate “Category 1” and “Category 2”.

Sample Data - Google Sheets

2: Now move over to the toolbar option and click on the below icon. It’s present towards the right.

Google Sheet Toolbar- Text Rotation

3: Post Clicking you’ll be able to see multiple rotation options. It even gives you a glimpse of the rotation which will take effect. We’ll choose rotate up.

Google Sheet Toolbar Text Rotation

4: Once done, the results are there for us to see.

Vertical Text in Google Sheets

This is just of the ways to make text vertical. You can also try out other options and each will give you a different result.

For example is we choose the option of Stack Vertically then we end up getting the below output.

Text Rotation Demo Google Sheet

Clearly this option is meant to be used only when text length is small. One more observation is that the row height is auto adjusted to adjust for the vertical text length.

Text Rotation Using the Menu Option

If you love to do things via the Menu then this is the option you should go with.

Goto Menubar -> Format->Text Rotation. Now select any of the rotation option as per requirement.

Menu Option - Text Rotation

That’s it on this topic. Keep browsing SheetsInfo for more such useful information 🙂

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