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Bullet Points are a great way to represent a list of items. Generally use of bullets is more prevalent within Docs and PPT’s, however at times you might require it within a spreadsheet application like Google Sheets too.

In this tutorial we’ll aim to cover multiple methods to insert bullet points into an Google Sheet Cell. These methods vary in degree of complexity and we will list them out in the order of easiest to trickiest.

Easy Copy-Paste Method

For most of you this might be just a one-time activity, hence this method will just do well.

1) Copy any of the below bullet as per need [Ctrl+C]

• ○ ► ⦿ ⁍ ➤

2) Go to the cell, Double Click(or Press F2) to Enter into editing mode. Now Right Click and Paste[ or use Ctrl+V]

Paste in Google Sheets

As expected, Bullet icon is pasted. You can now add any desired content along with the bullet. You can also drag or copy this cell to other cells within Google Sheets

Bullet Point in Google Sheet

You can visit this link to checkout more formats of Bullets if required.

Using The Keyboard Shortcut

This method involved using a simple shortcut ALT+7 to generate a bullet point within a Cell.

1) Select a cell and press F2 (or double click) to enter into editing mode.

2) Press ALT , hold, now press 7 from the Numeric Keypad only.[Ensure that Num Lock is on too]

Bullet Point in Google Sheet

Using the CHAR() Function

This is another smart way to insert bullets into Excel using CHAR() Function. CHAR() Function essentially provides character mapping corresponding to the input integer.

1) Select a cell and press F2 (or double click) to enter into editing mode.

2) Type CHAR(8226) and Press Enter. We get the desired result.

Char() function - Insert Bullet

Note: Using CHAR(9679) also works equally well.

Using Custom Formatting Options

Google sheets provides us with Custom Formatting Options using which we can vary representation of Text and Numbers within the sheet.

  1. Select the Cells you want to add Bullets[A4:A6]
  2. Go to Format -> Numbers -> More formats -> Custom Number Format
Custom Formatting: Google Sheets

3. Now paste • @” in the dialog box below and click Apply

Custom Formatting: Google Sheets

Once Done, the a bullet will be added across the selected cells.

Insert Bullet in Google Sheets

That’s it on this topic. Keep browsing SheetsInfo for more such useful information 🙂

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