Strikethrough Text in Google Sheet

Strikethrough Text is an important formatting tool to indicate if something is completed or no longer relevant.

Mostly, people require to Strikeout text while using Google Doc/Microsoft Word like applications. But at times we fall into a similar requirement in Google Sheets as well. For simple things maybe like a todo list.

We’ll walk you through different methods of performing the strikethrough formatting along with some super handy shortcuts.

Using the Keyboard Shortcut

The Keyboard Shortcut for applying Strikethrough in Google Sheet is “ALT + SHIFT + 5”.

Step 1: As always, lets open a sample spreadsheet with sample data.

Sample Data Google Sheet

Step 2: Select all the Cells where you want to Strikeout Text. Simply Click on First Cell , hold the cursor and drag down.

Selection of Data in Google sheet

Step 3 : Now Press ALT+SHIFT+5

Strikethrough Text in Google Sheet

Using the Quick Access Toolbar

Instead of using the shortcut you can also use the Strikethrough shortcut present in the quick access toolbar(shown below).

Strikethrough option in Quick Access Toolbar

It yields the exact same results.

Using the Menu bar options

Once you have selected the cells, goto Menu Option -> Format -> Strikethrough.

Format Menu option in Google Sheet

Again, results are exactly the same.

Strikethrough Text in Google Sheet

Remove a Strikethrough from Text

Removing Strikethrough is very easy.

Step 1: Select the cells where you would want to undo the strikethrough.

Text Selection in Google Sheet

Step 2: You may now turn off Strikethrough Option in the quick access toolbar.

Quick Access Toolbar Option

or you can also goto the Format Option to turn it off from there.

Format Option oogle Sheet

Easy, wasnt it?

That’s it on this topic. If you face any issues in implementing the above methods then leave a comment down below. Keep browsing SheetsInfo for more such useful information 🙂

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