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At multiple occasion you might need to underline a cell, group of cells or a specific text. Fortunately, Google Sheets Provides us with multiple ways to help out for this matter.

In this article let’s discuss the multiple scenarios of underlining and how to go about it.

Underlining Entire Cell

Follow the below steps if you want to Underline entire everything within a specific cell

1.. Select the Cell you wish to underline. In below example it’s B4.

Google Sheet Cell

2.. Goto Menu Options -> Format -> Underline or Simply press Ctrl + U( CMD + U in Mac)

Format Underline Google Sheet

3. As expected all the contents of the cell are now underlined

Underlined Cell in Google Sheet

As a proxy to the above we can also simply add a bottom border using the below option. This will create a border and will run from edge to edge instead of just specific text area.

Boarder Options Google sheet

End result.

Bottom Border Cell - Google Sheet

Underlining Specific Text Within a Cell

Let’s say you just want to highlight ‘Apple’ in the below cell. That’s pretty easy as well:-

Simple Cell - Google Sheet

Double Click(or Press F2) to enter into editing mode. Now use your cursor to select the first word.

Partial Text Selection Google Sheet

Go ahead and press Ctrl + U to underline ‘APPLE’. Below is what final result should look like.

Partial Underline Text Google Sheet

Underline Multiple Cells

This is a minor variation to what has been already discussed previously. In case you want to underline multiple cells then you just need to select all the cells and then follow the same methods.

Underline Multiple Cells - Google Sheet
Select all Cells to Underline
Underline Multiple Cells - Google Sheet
Press Ctrl + U

How to Double Underline

There’s a simple way to do a double underline using the boarder styling options. Follow the below steps to implement double underline in Excel:

1.. Post selecting bottom boarder, move to the last dropdown on bottom-right. Click on the last option highlighted in orange below.

Double Underline - Google Sheet

2. We get the double underline as expected

Double Underlined Cell - Google Sheet

That’s it on this topic. Keep browsing SheetsInfo for more such useful information 🙂

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